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A workshop with an international group of phd students

Hallo everybody. Here you can find the results of my workshop in Tartu with a group of phd students. In particular, I publish the slides of my speech about “How to teach using blogging” and the results of the work in the sub-groups. The topic could be interesting also for italian people, I guess… :-).

how to teach

group 1 Group 2 Group 3 group 4 group5 group 6 Group 7 Group 8

Kind winds (buon vento, ragazzi).


  1. Buon lavoro!!!
    Spero a presto

  2. Dear Prof.
    the topic is very interesting and blogging is a very powerful tool indeed, also for a new way of teaching. This blog is a successful example!

    But i would like to say that to me this blog has been in general a fantastic tool to frankly discuss on several political and cultural issues. Thanks for this opportunity and a warm welcome to all the students in Tartu!
    kind winds – “”hea tuul” in estonian, right? this of course is google translator, not really my estonian 🙂


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